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A casual engagement shoot of Pagen & Timothy

Romance, in the comfort of your home.

Since most couples don’t happen to be professional models, the trend of in-home couple portraits have been making its way in the wedding industry. It’s not difficult to understand the choice of photo setting at home: it is comfortable, and perfect for couple who want to avoid awkward posing in heavy gowns under hot sunlight. Instead, in-home couple portraits allow you, to be the genuine you!

Home is the place where two people share private, intimate moment. It is where couple tell each other about the story of their day, having meal together after the exhaustion at work, or simply, cuddling on the couch on a cosy Sunday. Sometimes, minimal brings out the most diverse results. Being at home means to capture the artistic expression of the inner feelings between the two, to catch the mood at an instance that is so intense yet exists only in the brief scent of the air.

To immortalise these moments in the camera, is, mind we say,

The essence of love.


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