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KL Pre-Wedding | Celebrating Pui Yean & King Yew

It is common to assume that the grass is always greener on the other side, but truth to be told, it really is not the case most of the time. Pre-wedding photographs taken in Malaysia for one, can be just as beautiful as those taken at the other side of the globe. This homeland has nurtured us offers more than just a place to stay, but also beautiful sceneries, architects, and cultures that are uniquely our own.

Putrajaya is one of the locations that we always go for when our couples prefer a local pre-wedding shoot. It can offer more than what many people had in mind. The golden geometry structure we stumbled upon makes a perfect contrast to Pui Yean’s bridal gown in a back-to-basic design and minimal French lace.

Those who are not shy to be under the sun will too, find themselves spoiled by the natural scenery in Putrajaya. To add a cultural touch, some of the age-old buildings are crafted under the influence of British design during the colonial period, yet retaining the authenticity of Malay style.

So, to our home country we say, thank you once again, for showing and wow-ing us with your beauty.


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