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Pre-Wedding of Li Qing & Kwee Loong

Surprises always present at the places we least expected.

As pre-wedding photos have become a big thing across globe, overseas locations too quickly rise as a trend. But what we often overlook is the little sweet surprises hidden in our country that gives a fresh breath of air amongst popular pre-wedding destinations: the simple and humble looking places around. One of them? Empire Damansara.

It is a familiar place for hipster cafes-goers to indulge in good coffee, but its design is rarely mentioned despite it being so picture-worthy. The bold and rustic brick structure creates a stunning contrast to Li Qing’s red gown, carving a unique expression for this pre-wedding series. Some of the corners with slightly dim light too, creates an interesting atmosphere for photos. Not forgetting the colourful hanging umbrellas- really, just how exactly could we have ignored this place?

Another local spot that deserves much credit is UPM, regardless of the numerous times we’ve been here, it still offers unlimited opportunities for pictures. We are always amazed by the way it allows us to explore and apply our creativity, making use of the space, greenery and sunlight- absolutely wonderful for photographers!

We definitely love this simple yet noteworthy shots and looking forward for more!



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